Reseller Edition

FINAL STEP: I saved the BEST for the LAST!

Sell TekhGiant As Your Own Product And Make $20k+ In PURE Profits…

ONLY 50 Licenses Available!


No Risk | Money Back Guarantee

HURRY… Before The One-Time Launch Price Offer Expires!

One last thing before you jump right into TekhGiant

During this special launch only - you can get a RESELLER license to TekhGiant.

This means you will keep 100% of what a customer pays when they get access to TekhGiant through you.

To help you easily sell TekhGiant… 

… we’ll even let you use all our marketing pages, our amazing high-converting videos and our sales copy to make all your sales

Here’s the best part... 



A Complete 'Done For You' Business

Easy Billing. Create Invoices for your clients inside your Client Panel

Your Own Client Panel. Easily set up & manage accounts for your clients...

Make an additional $2,000 to $5,000 per week with TekhGiant the EASIEST way possible

No Support Or Development Fees. We'll manage all of the expensive/tricky stuff

We Will Even Hand-Over All The Marketing Material Too…

Top-Converting Sales Pages 

Written by a seasoned copywriter and designed by the finest (and some very expensive) designers. 

Use these to make your CUSTOMERS fully understand ALL the benefits and features and realize the REAL power of TekhGiant…

Premium Quality Sales & Walkthrough Videos… 

Your customers would ONLY check out the details if they are hooked in the first minute or two. The sales video is going to do exactly that…

… and by the time they are done watching the walkthrough video – they are sold

DFY High-Converting Emails

This is a set of Presell emails, Emails to pitch and close clients, and follow-up emails…

Just edit-copy-paste and watch your conversions skyrocket with these battle-tested proven-to-convert sets of Emails.

World-Class Support Team 

There’s a team in place to provide high-quality professional after-sales service to YOUR customers. 

They know the product inside-out. 

They are intensively trained and above all, they are highly motivated.


TekhGiant Reseller | You Keep Every Penny

HURRY… Before The One-Time Launch Price Offer Expires!

This Is Your ONLY Chance

This is an amazing opportunity for you if you do not have a product to sell online or even if you do - you can add TekhGiant as an upsell or cross-sell!

So jump on this offer before we up the price.

You won't find another offer like this anywhere; we have spent over $20,000 in creating this software and marketing funnel...

And we're giving you the unique opportunity to make a LOT of money from this unique tool.

This is possibly your only chance to become a reseller at the knockdown price you see below so click the button below and turn ON the unlimited profit machine for yourself.

The next time you look it may be way more expensive…

Now Some BAD News 

(Only if you are too late to the party)

We have ONLY 50 TekhGiant Reseller License to release. We had to put a cap on the number of licenses.

Although we want TekhGiant to reach as many as possible, we just can’t afford to compromise on the quality of support that we provide. So, we can’t keep adding more and more customers to our already pretty big list of customers at the end of this launch…

… especially when we are not charging ANY commissions or royalty fee on every copy you sell.

All the money is yours to keep.

I just hope you aren’t too late. Once we run out of the 50 Reseller Licenses, neither the Support Staff, nor I can do anything…

… the system has been hard-coded to process ONLY 50 Reseller orders.


Click Here To Find Out If You Are Still In Time

HURRY… Before The One-Time Launch Price Offer Expires!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are sure that you’ll be able to sell a lot of copies of TekhGiant… simply because “TECH” products is something everyone knows will sell really well.

In case you don’t get the results that surprise you (pleasantly) – send us a message within 30 days of your purchase and get your money back. 

We can’t possibly make it any simpler and risk-free for you.

Here's what you get Today... When you upgrade to TekhGiant RESELLER

  • Sell TekhGiant and keep all profits 
  • We host everything
  • Use our sales page 
  • Use our demo & walkthrough videos 
  • ✔ Use our top-converting emails
  • ✔ Use our technical support team
  • ✔ Use our customer support team

TekhGiant Reseller | You Keep Every Penny


TekhGiant Reseller | You Keep Every Penny

HURRY… Before The One-Time Launch Price Offer Expires!

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No Thanks. I don’t want ‘The Easy Money’. I don’t want to sell TekhGiant and make MASSIVE profits completely hands-off. Please take me to the login page.

What’s Excluded:

Our Expenses Incurred 

X Development Costs 

X Marketing Expenses 

X Support Staff Salary 

X Time & Effort In Development 

What’s Included:

All Our Resources

  Sales Page 

Sales Video 

Walkthrough Video 

Emails & Other Promo Material 

Support Team 

We've decided to do something we have NEVER done before and you need to pay close attention.

We've decided to LET YOU sell TekhGiant and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.

Yes, that's right.


How Every 6-Figure Marketer… Makes 6-Figures

They all made their millions online by listing their products for sale online…

And the funny thing is…

They did not just sell their own products – rather they got Reseller Rights to best-selling software and placed them for sale.

Smart – Isn’t it?

And as the final step to this special launch and to extend a warm welcome to you to the TekhGiant family… 

… I want to offer you this opportunity to join the league of big guns and rake in $2k - $5k in passive income every week.

Welcome To


Nothing to UPLOAD

Nothing to HOST

Nothing to CONFIGURE

Nothing to SUPPORT

Priority Support. A dedicated support desk for faster customer service

Ready To Sell Immediately. You'll be able to profit right away. ZERO waiting

Keep 100% of every sale in the entire funnel!

No Complicated Setup. Just activate & start selling

The Grunt Work Is Already Done-For-You…

  • Our team of coders & software engineers have ensured that TekhGiant’s top-notch quality
  • Our marketing team has successfully created a strong buzz and high demand in the market
  • We will continue to upgrade & update TekhGiant with ZERO downtime
  • We will keep providing PREMIUM Support for YOU & YOUR customers
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